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HerpaGreens is a natural antioxidant blended with natural ingredients in powder. The most important ingredients of HerpaGreens are Resveratrol, Curcumin, and Quercetin. Additional 57 detoxing herbs, probiotics, prebiotics, and selected vitamins have been added to make this unique product.

What is Herpa Greens?

HerpaGreens is a green advanced formula designed to combat the herpes HSV-1 oral and HSV-2 virus and prevent its symptoms.

It is very difficult to live life with the herpes virus in your body. It is a growing problem that needs a scientific and effective solution for everyone’s health.

HerpaGreens uses an epigenetic natural remedy to kill and eliminate viruses from the body.

It cuts DNA string and unmasks the virus for elimination. HerpaGreens is full of natural ingredients such as Quercetin, Resveratol, Korean Ginseng root, Spinach, Curcumin, etc. that are clinically proven to kill herpes virus.

Herpa Greens flushes the herpes viruses from the body and prevents future outbreaks. HerpaGreens supports higher immunity levels, stable blood pressure levels, and blood sugar levels. It eliminates all kinds of viruses from your body and improves blood circulation.

Herpa-Greens Supplement

How does HerpaGreens Work?

Herpes is contagious and can affect the mouth or genital area. After entering the body, the virus attacks the healthy cells and takes complete control of them; it then multiplies rapidly.

The individual then develops symptoms such as cold sores, burning, and itching on their face or genital region (could also affect both areas).

Other viruses are combated and destroyed by the immune system, but Herpes can hide from the immune system.

Herpa Greens inhibits LAD-1, the protein that is primarily responsible for the replication of the virus.

Upon consumption, HerpaGreens initiates an attack on the two viruses HSV-1 and HSV-2. The supplement inhibits the virus’s growth and spread naturally, preventing its spread to the face and private areas.

HerpaGreens enhances the body’s immune system naturally in order to eradicate all traces of hidden cells. The product identifies and eliminates the virus from the DNA system, thereby preventing its replication and spread. Additionally, the product provides the body with immune-boosting nutrients.

Herpa Greens functions by interfering with the virus DNA by inhibiting a vital protein called LAD-1, which the virus requires to take over a host cell and clone itself. By inhibiting this protein, the virus is unmasked and forced into a dormant state.

The immune system is then able to locate and eliminate the virus, eradicating it entirely from the body.

The protocol is known as the search and destroy protocol. Therefore, the supplement operates in two phases:

Phase One – The Search Phase:

During the Search Phase, the unique combination of natural ingredients blocks the LSD-1 protein and prevents it from multiplying, effectively revealing the virus so that it can no longer hide from the immune system.

Phase Two – The Destroy Phase:

During the Destroy Phase, all the potent ingredients are activated to unleash the immune system’s full power and eradicate the virus.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your order of Herpa Greens is covered by our 180-Day 100% Return Guarantee. If you're not impressed with Herpa Greens's results, drop us a line and we'll refund every single penny.


How Does HerpaGreens cure herpes?

HerpaGreens is a natural solution for prevention of herpes virus epidemics. It contains various nutrients that target the root cause of the herpes simplex virus.

Herpes simplex virus coats itself in cells or special proteins known as LSD-1. Because these natural proteins are part of the central nervous system, the virus protects the natural immune system.

Nutrients are removed from host cells and the virus replicates and spreads to healthy cells.

HerpaGreens Solution works on the nervous system by exposing the herpes virus and strengthening your natural immune system to target the virus and remove it from your body.

The ingredients in Herpa Greens make it even more effective in eliminating the last remnants of the virus, improving circulation, and reducing inflammation.

Antioxidants in the solution repair cell damage and remove toxins.

Basically, the formula does three things:

  1. Strengthen your immune system so that your body does not become weak.
  2. Look for the virus in its deepest hiding places.
  3. Kill and attack all herpes virus to completely eliminate the disease
  4. This is how HerpaGreens ensures you never have to deal with an outbreak again. In addition, the supplement treats breakouts and also reduces breakout symptoms.

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What are the guaranteed benefits of consuming Herpa Greens? 

  • Fights the real cause of the herpes simplex virus and removes the last traces of it.
  • HerpaGreens promotes bone health.
  • Herpa Greens provide eye benefits and promote cognitive function.
  • Strengthens the immune system and stimulates the immune response.
  • Improves libido and increases energy levels.
  • Helps to wash away toxins and repair damaged cells.
  • Improves the body's anti-inflammatory response.
  • Helps burn excess body fat and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • HerpaGreens improves digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Herpagreens improve blood circulation and prevents cold sores.
  • Helps to boost self-confidence and overcome the fear of love.
  • HerpaGreens helps treat symptoms and causes.



Natural Ingredients Make Herpa Greens Effective

HerpaGreens dietary supplement protects your body's healthy cells and stops the spread of infections. The biggest advantage is that HerpaGreens is made with natural ingredients like quercetin, curcumin, turmeric root, blueberries, ginseng root, ashwagandha, ginger root, etc. which strengthen your immunity. It combines several nutrients and natural elements to make it effective. These crucial components are:



Curcumines are the key ingredients to the effectiveness of herbal greens supplements. It is produced through turmeric and is a natural source. Curcuminate causes turmeric’s yellow coloring thus being a food color. The drug has antibacterial properties which have been shown to prevent the genital herpetic infection. It is derived by curcumin which reduces inflammation caused by bacterial infections. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that reduce invasion and develop healthy body cells by stopping the replication of HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Camu fruit

Camu fruit is a fatty acid that is a good source of anti-inflammatory and nutrient-degrading. The flavor of a ripe grape originates from polyphenols which flush viruses from blood vessels. It is also rich in Vitamin C. A previous study in rats found camu fruit could improve cholesterol levels and helps in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Organic Banana, Spirulina, Coconut Juice, Parsley

Herpa Greens has a natural ingredient base. Organic bananas can improve nutrition levels as well as the health of the bloodstream. It's also responsible for nourishing healthy cells. Coconut juice helps reduce the swelling in cold and dry sore areas. It is antibacterial and provides visual benefits and promotes bone growth.

Brussels sprouts, cucumber, cabbage

This superfood is also found in Herpes greens and they all contribute in some way. Brussels sprouts are fibrous and have anti-inflammatory characteristics. This helps in the regulation of glucose levels in the blood. In addition, cabbage improves the immune system and increases circulation. Cucumber helps to boost fat burn. It contains dietary fiber and beta-carotene to improve general well-being.


Quercetin is another key component in HerpaGreens teas. It inhibits herpes virus infections from destroying healthy cells, as well as inhibits the secretion of HSV protein. Researchers found quercetin could reduce inflammation because it is anti-inflammatory. Quercetin regulates blood pressure through its properties. It prevents the herpes simplex virus from infecting healthy cells and prevents the secretion of HSV proteins.


Pomegranates have phenolic and antioxidant compounds that protect against cell damage. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties are reliable for reducing inflammation. Its health benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness, reduced fatigue from squats, and reduced inflammation.


It's an important part of red wine, raspberries, blueberries, mulberries and other ripe grape varieties. The antioxidant properties make it a major ingredient in HerpaGreens. It helps you fight infections and viruses. These components are also powerful Anti Virals which helps treat skin infections.

Korean Ginseng Root, Spinach, Cauliflower and Pineapple

These ingredients also make up the diet supplement itself. Korean Ginseng root helps to increase energy while spinach helps boost the body's bone health. Another type, like cauliflower, keeps hormone regulation at a minimum, and pineapple helps absorb nutrition into our bodies.

Shiitake, Maitake, and Mushrooms Reishi

HerpaGreens combines these mushrooms with anti-aging properties. This mushroom increases immunity in combination. It also helps you retain skin cells and look youthful. Reishi, Shiitake, and Maitake Mushrooms: These three mushrooms work together to promote weight loss and a strong immune system. It maintains healthy skin cells and has anti-aging properties.

Cinnamon Bark

These ingredients help improve the effectiveness of HerpaGreen because of its antibacterial or viral properties. It can help regulate blood sugar by forming a similar chemical structure as insulin. Cinnamon bark has a good effect on blood circulation.

What is the best way to consume Herpa Greens dietary supplements?

There are various options for eating HerpaGreens. Most people drink two scoops daily. The containers contain 30 scoops which mean that one scoop per person for one week is necessary. However, be aware the results are not immediate and could take 2 to 3 months.

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HerpaGreens FAQs

This dietary supplement has been produced from different plant materials. The safety feature allows for consumption. It is hypoallergenic and produced under sterile control. It has no harmful side effects. However pregnant women are not permitted to take this drug because they have not received enough research in this area. If you are taking this medication you should consult a healthcare professional first.

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